Few Tips to Avoid Scratches when Car Cleaning

a)     Ditch your sponge – if you are still using a sponge to wash your car, ditch it immediately and start using a sheepskin, lambswool or deep pile microfibre wash mitt – sponges easily drag grit across your paintwork

b)    If using a bucket and water – get another one – use one for your shampoo mix and the other to regularly rinse out your mitt during washing

c)     Do not use household detergents – these will strip off your cars paint protection (i.e wax or sealant) and leave paint surface exposed to elements, dirt and grime

d)    Always wash from top to bottom to ensure the grit and dirt is washed down off your paintwork

e)     Use a separate wash microfibre cloths on your wheels – do not use the same ones you use for your wheels on your paintwork – that brake dust can be nasty stuff

f)      Do not use any household cleaning brushes, pads, scourers or such like to get rid of stubborn marks on your paintwork.

g)     Use a deep pile microfibre drying towel to dry your car – not only will it dry in a fraction of the time, it avoid streak and if any dust or grit does blow onto your car it will pick it up in the fibres and keep it away from your paintwork

 If unfortunately your paintwork already suffers from swirl marks Come to us for advice.